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What is this place?

The European XFEL uses Read the Docs to host its (software) documentation, making it fully searchable and easy to find. We have chosen this approach to integrate seamlessly with our Git software repositories using a reliable, well-tested community approach.

If you are affiliated or collaborate with the European XFEL, and would like to see your documentation hosted here, please contact our CAS group and read the RTD guide to get started!

Read the Docs is community supported, and we very much acknowledge the development by the Read the Docs team. Please check their website to learn how to contribute. Thanks so much to their wonderful community team who makes it possible for us to run this site. Please consider joining today, as they always need more contributors to the project. However, if you do find any problems with this site, please contact the CAS group, as the RTD team is not responsible for this installation.

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