Here you can find the necessary information to interact with the Metadata Catalogue application through its RESTful APIs!



API for managing Instruments information

Resource Description
GET /metadata/api/instruments/:id/active_proposal Get the instrument (with :id) current beamtime active proposal


Resource Description
POST /metadata/api/parameters/bulk_create Registers into the DB the aggregated metadata for the scalar parameters persisted in the data files
POST /metadata/api/parameters/bulk_delete Deletes at once, from the MdC, the list of parameters

API for managing Proposals information

Resource Description
GET /metadata/api/proposals/by_number/:number Get proposals information by number
GET /metadata/api/proposals/by_number/:number/runs[/:run_number] Get runs information by proposal number, optionally filtered by run number

API for managing Runs information

Resource Description
GET /metadata/api/runs/all_raw_data_groups_ids Get all the (RAW type) Data Groups, knowing the desired run number and proposal number.

API for Create/Destroy Sessions

Resource Description
POST /metadata/api/sessions Create a new session to the specified :user
DELETE /metadata/api/sessions Destroy an existing session to the specified user

API for managing Users information

Resource Description
GET /metadata/api/me Gets information about the current (authenticated) user
GET /metadata/api/users/:id Get specific user :id information
POST /metadata/api/ldap_import Import user from LDAP given the uid